The Spectrum, Ivins, Utah/2013/By: Brian Passey
Janna Cardia also brings a delightfully wicked portrayal of the villainous nanny Miss Andrew.
Utah Theatre Blogger Association/2013/By: Johnny Hebda
And Lastly, Miss Flannery(played by Janna Cardia) also known as “Elbows” brought much humor to many of the scenes with Millie in the factory with her zany personality and strong attitude.
strong attitude
 Palm Beach Post/2012
"Another commercial hit. Ingratiating show and lots of chipper musical numbers."
Palm Beach Arts Paper/2012
"There is reason to beliveve it could become as successful as Menopause."
Palm Beach Daily News/2012
"Effortlessly Funny."
promo poster
Broadway Gibson
"Janna Cardia does splendid work as Victoria, hitting the high notes that distinguish her characters impersonation with grace and ease.  She handles the comedic elements with equal aplomb. 
St. Louis Newmark
"The leads are a delight, Cardia has a gorgeous voice."

 Janna was a recipient of a 1999 After Dark Award given annually by Gay Chicago Magazine for outstanding accomplishments in the performing arts.  

Gay Chicago Magazine/ 1999/ By:Jeff Rossen 

"Although Trina claimed to be "breaking down," Janna Cardia pulled it all together to create a deeply affecting -and often outright hilarious - turn as a woman who finds that a family can take on forms, as can love.  Trina's transition from abandoned wife to the emotional core of her new "family" was a pure joy to behold.    

Outlines, Chicago, IL / 1999/By: Rick Reed

" The real standout in the show, however, is Janna Cardia, as Trina.  She brings the house down with her solo, "I'm Breaking Down" a comedic tour-de-force that reminded me of Carol Burnett at her very best...but a Burnett who has a voice equal to that of Bernadette Peters."



Entertainment Editor, Lancaster, PA./  2006/By: Michael Long

"Janna Cardia with her flashy show voice and stunning red locks, leads this exceptional troupe as the svelte, heart -of -gold harlot  Nancy.  Cardia displays an uncommon depth of emotion, turning on a dime from the bawdy, mug clanking butt-spanking pub number"Oom-Pah-Pah" to one of this productions two heart wrenching show stoppers, "As Long As He Needs Me."

Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, PA./ 2006/By: Susan E. Lindt

"Cardia's lovely, powerful voice causes the audience pause when she belts out "As Long As He Needs Me," her top-10 reasons for staying with Sykes to her bitter end." 

New Era, Lancaster, PA./ 2006/By: Cindy Stauffer

"When Cardia sang "As Long As He Needs Me," it  was a show-stopper."

Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, PA./ 2005/By: Susan E. Lindt

"Mitchell said last week that he nailed the casting for "Into the Woods." He was right.  Most notable is Janna Cardia as the Witch, whose voice manages to keep up with a Sondheim score that is all over the register.  

New Era, Lancaster, PA./ 2005/By: Jane Holahan 

"Janna Cardia who's got a knockout voice and great comic timing."

Sunday News, Lancaster, PA./ 2005/By: Marty Crisp

" A steller turn by Janna Cardia." 

     Sunday News / 2003/By: Marty Crisp

"Cardia chief among them-making you wonder who's holding down the fort on the Big Apple's Broadway if we have the best down here on Prince Street?"

New Era, Lancaster PA./ 2003/By: Jane Holahan

"Janna is the perfect Narrator, with a warm presence and a strong voice that does full justice to Webber's melodic music." 

Intelligencer, Lancaster, PA./ 2003/By: Rebecca J. Ritzel 

"The show opens with Janna Cardia.  She remains on stage  though most numbers, belting out her notes and enunciating so clearly the audience never misses a word."   

Arkansas Democrat Gazette/2007/By: Karen Martin 

"Although "The Full Monty" focuses on men, the women's roles pack a wollopEspecially watchable is saucy, sexy Georgie Bukatinsky ( Janna Cardia) , who gamely suffers from neglect by her downtrodden unemployed husband."

 Time Out, Fort Atkinson, WI./ 2003/By: Steven Snyder

"Cardia in particular is "Pump Boys" best performer, exhibiting the vocal energy, skill, and dynamics that make her a consistent  pleasure to watch.  

 Planet Vero /2009/ By: John Putzke

"Although The Bee is undoubtedly an ensemble show, it is Janna Cardia who seems to sew all the seams into one cohesive fabric of performances.  A cross between Sara Palen and Tina Fey, Miss Cardia in the role of Rona Peretti all but steals the show with her belting voice, energetic stage presence and her ability to keep the audience in stitches whenever she is in the spotlight.  The other "adult" in the production is Jeff Talbott as Vice Principal Panch.   Together with Cardia, they ran The Bee with perfection."

Roll Magazine Phoenicia, NY/2010/By: Jay Blotcher

The cast members are equal to the task, the director said. Janna Cardia “is a powerhouse, an effortless singer.” With each character in the show, “her face seems to change—she looks like a different person.

Phoenicia Festival of the Voice/2010/By: Larry Litt

Same day at 2:30m pm the Shandaken Theatrical society presented a pitch perfect revival of Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire's "Closer Than Ever." This off Broadway musical cabaret requires singer/actors with a wide variety of ranges. Master entertainers Alex Agard, Janna Cardia, Austin Ku, and Amy Wallace brought laughter and tears to the opening night audience. Director Ricarda O'Connor had the cast moving, singing, hugging, attracting and repelling each other in a wonderfully charged choreographic display. I won't single out any one performer in particular as the cast worked as an exquisite, well rehearsed ensemble, supporting each others enormous efforts. Truly a privilege to see them perform in the wonderful playhouse.